My Story

I get a bit uncomfortable when people ask me what I do.

I feel silly telling them,
“I’m a Bible teacher slash women’s conference speaker
slash Biblical counselor slash discipler of women.”



“I’m a spiritual cheerleader who helps women draw closer to God
than they ever thought possible!”


I absolutely love helping women fall in love with God’s Word and watching their spiritual lives go from mediocre to EXTRAORDINARY!’

So I know the term “spiritual cheerleader” isn’t in the Bible. And my theologian husband might cringe when he reads this, but my spiritual gift (a.k.a. my superpower) is encouragement + exhortation. It blesses my socks off to walk beside women as they discover the life-giving truths and promises of God. Psalm 119 boasts that if we love Him, God’s Words will bring us delight, be our most faithful counselor, deepest joy and choicest treasure. His Word will be the hope for our future and life-giver to our dry hearts.


I care deeply about your spiritual life because of what He’s done in mine!


I was 19 and 900 miles from home feeling very alone, desperately asking God to send me a godly woman to help me make sense of my spiritual life.

My mom had done an excellent job of instilling God’s Word in my heart when I was a child, but now I didn’t seem to know what to do with it. I floundered with so many questions, but no one to ask.

I didn’t know the word “mentor” or “disciple” but that’s exactly what I needed. I went to church every time the doors were open and read my Bible, but something was missing. I just couldn’t connect the dots in my spiritual life by myself.

So I prayed that God would send me a woman who loved Jesus, someone I could talk to, who would see how desperately I wanted to grow closer to Him and who would want to invest her life in mine.

I prayed that for the five most difficult, lonely years of my life.


And when God answered my prayer, He blew me away!


He brought the most amazing discipler into my life and I’ve never been the same! I’m a completely different woman from her influence in my life. She loved me, taught me, listened to me and let me emulate her walk with God.

I grew rapidly and soon started discipling small groups of women, teaching and writing my own Bible studies, and traveling to other countries to speak at women’s conferences.

I have a background in sales, marketing, writing commercials and dressing movie stars in sparkly gowns. I took a couple classes at Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham and completed The Master’s Seminary Wives Discipleship Program in Los Angeles. The most life-changing and incredible gift was being personally discipled by Elizabeth George. Her voice is forever in my head and the wisdom she gave me 2+ decades ago still guides me every single day. With buckets of gratitude I promised God I’d never let another woman within my arms reach be as desperate for a spiritual friend and mentor as I was. And my life-long dream of encouraging women to make much of Christ was born.

10 things you really don’t need to know about me…

  1. Popcorn is my weakness.
  2.  My favorite books are written by dead people.
  3.  I married my favorite pastor.
  4. I’m obsessed with discipling women.
  5. I’m trying to decide if yelling at Siri is a sin.
  6. I battle self-doubt every. single. day.
  7. I grow my own Kombucha.
  8. I have a leopard print problem. I wear it every day whether you can see it or not.
  9. I’m living proof that God can use anyone!
  10. I once ate Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream out of the carton… WHILE I WALKED ON THE TREADMILL!

Now it’s your turn!


Tell what God’s doing in your life and how I can best serve you!  Drop me a line at