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¬†These binge-able doses of truth and encouragement will help us make much of Christ…between our earrings!

The battle for truth between our earrings is real. It’s the battle to be in our right mind, our biblically saturated mind. We’re not chasing the power of positive thinking, but the power of Biblical thinking! It’s where we combat the lies, melancholy and selfishness that pull us away from our Heavenly Father.

And the good news is, this battle is winnable because God wills it!

God knows the enormous power our thoughts have to either lead us nearer to Him or away from Him. They so quickly center on pleasing ourselves rather than Him! For that reason He instructs Paul to exhort us in Romans to “renew our minds.” ¬†Ladies, we need thought replacement therapy. We need a way to implant His Word between our earrings and honor Him there!

Here’s 25 of the upcoming episodes for you and your friends…

4 keys to getting your emotions off the ledge
4 things I NEVER want God to hear me think!
4 things to do with mean girls
10 things to do when your quiet time is (gasp!) boring
4 verses to remember when you wish you weren’t you
5 tips to handle conflict with grace + elegance (instead of freaking out!)
My 4 pet peeves about prayer
3 tips to help you not jump to the worst possible conclusion
5 ways to respond to gossip
3 ways to show Jesus to a child in their moment of failure
3 Biblical responses to girl drama and what to teach your daughters
4 ways to drive your enemies crazy
10 things to pray for your pastor’s wife
4 ways to find a mentor
6 duties women have to each other
5 reminders before addressing your husband’s sin
5 reasons to go to church and 4 things to do when you get there
5 questions to ask yourself to make sure you really want a husband
6 things NOT to do when you’re being discipled
4 lies about marriage
6 things to help you be nicer to yourself
5 ways to listen to a sermon
10 things to do when you have no friends
4 things to do when someone lets you down
4 scripts to use when addressing conflict with your husband

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Between Our Earrings!