I wanted to be yours because you were going to serve God with your whole life.

After much prayer and contemplation, at 15, I made my mind up that serving God as a pastor’s wife would be the very pinnacle of life.

I simply asked God to bring me a cute pastor to marry and went about the business of growing closer to Him as the new believer I was.

So when you came along with your passion for God and being so very handsome, there was no doubt whatsoever. I knew that being near you would also bring me nearer to Jesus. That was everything I wanted.

You’ve been my lover, pastor, discipler, father to my babies and best friend. But never did I imagine you’d be the one preparing me to meet our Savior.

You’ve always called me to righteousness and made my duties to Christ your priority. Both your pulpit and private life have washed me with the Word and shown me what devotion to Jesus looks like.

I hadn’t considered that choosing a spouse would also be choosing the one who walks you to heaven, but I’m so glad you’re the one, Rick Goertzen!

As my dad brought me down the aisle to put my hand in yours, you have walked me closer and closer to Christ and will one glorious day put my hand in His. What a marvelous, sacred duty you have faithfully fulfilled to me!

Happy 38th anniversary week, I will love you forever!