My #ALS diagnosis has shown me the unmistakable kindness of God. Everywhere I look I see He has gone ahead of me to prepare all that concerns me & provide far beyond all I could ask or think!

Here’s how God is lavishing me through YOUR prayers!

2016 God moved us to Birmingham to provide
– UAB’s ALS CLINIC where I have a team of experts to care for me.
– an ALS ASSOCIATION that advises & lends equipment to make life easier.
– A CHURCH family that loves & cares for us from house cleaning to meals & everything in between!
– A NEIGHBORHOOD of literal saints who shower us with meals, flowers, prayer & random acts of kindness
– A 3-story home with an ELEVATOR. And a wing for my daughter’s family to live with us while her husband finishes chiropractic school. I’ve had live-in care & a house filled with joy from my grandsons. 😭🙌🏼
– A KING SIZE ADJUSTABLE BED that will separate when I need care from both sides. Gift from friend.
– A LIFT RECLINER. Hand me down from friend.
– A MASSAGE CHAIR for my aching muscles. Gift from sweet hubby.
– A fancy WHEELCHAIR with headrest. Gift from a friend.
– An OXYGEN MACHINE to bless my brain. Loan from friend.
– A WALKER, SCOOTER & SHOWER CHAIR. Hand-me-down from a friend.
– A bluetooth BOSE SPEAKER so I can listen to sermons, Bible app, worship music as loud as I please. 😉 Gift from friends.
– INSTALLATION of a freestanding tub, tile and bidet to make my life easier. Gift from friends.
– A $72,000 custom POWER WHEELCHAIR & custom MOBILITY VAN! And a RAMP that allows me to go out to my back patio. 😭 Hand-me-down gifts from a precious man who just lost his wife to ALS. He’s an elder in a church we served in outside New Orleans. He drove them all the way to us because he felt God prompting him. When I told him through sobs that I didn’t deserve such gifts, he walked over to me, patted me on the shoulder & said, “we know what we deserve, don’t we? But Jesus has already paid for that. Now it’s my joy to give this to you.” This allows me to go to church, dates with my husband, grandsons soccer games, etc! I can’t wait to thank her in heaven.
– A thousand acts of love & kindness. Gifts from you!