Oh Tucker, God has given me an entire year with you!

As we mark your first birthday, I want you to know what a ridiculous amount of love I have for you! Whenever you are near, I can’t wipe the smile from my heart.

I’m so thankful God looked through the annuls of time and chose this season for you to shower us with joy!

God has provided you with remarkable parents. You’ve changed their whole world and I have every confidence they will raise you to change ours!

I predict your mom will make sure you’re brilliant like she is and your dad will teach you to be the kind of man he is, the kind the whole world wishes we had more of with integrity, who gives himself to provide and protect others.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to petition God on your behalf in Heaven, I think it’s just a place for praise, so I’m storing up lots of prayers for you where they’ll linger in God’s presence until He answers them, no doubt in grander ways than I can imagine!

Mostly I pray that you’ll love Jesus with all your heart, for all your days.

So happy birthday precious Tucker! I love you madly!