I did something so wonderful from my bucket list while hospice was here transferring me into their care. I put the last touches on a Valentine’s collection I designed for you in my website shop…. with my eyes!

How cool is that?

I’ve always wanted to share some of the words and phrases that encourage me and make me smile. God is so kind to let me have this dream come true!

It’s my conviction that we must surround ourselves and our children with the Word of God. While Satan ravages around us we just keep doing what all believers have done throughout history. We saturate ourselves in the Word of God so we can burn brighter for His glory.

Please go look at my humble offerings created to help our roots grow deep into the Word and even show our faith to others. My Bible studies, video courses, blog, and YouTube will show you what God used to transform me from being whiny and self absorbed to stubborn for His glory!

Maybe you’ll grab a few Bible studies or some happys to make sure your people know you love them madly!

Love them hard while you have them!

Visit the shop here!

I hope these new things bless your socks off!