1.  DAILY HEARTWORK to interact with God in His Word every single day. It’ll  leave you full of wonder and discovery!

2. Highly motivating and INSPIRING PROJECTS that will literally work the truths you’re learning into your heart and life!

3. AND LISTS!  Everyone raves about the incredible lists that’ll keep you zeroed in on real change so you can


Reflect the beauty of Christ!

Sections include . . .

A Heart Consumed with God

A Heart Prepared to Serve

A Heart Devoted to Your Husband

A Heart To Nurture Your Children

A Heart Burning for Others


I care deeply about your spiritual life
so I’m giving you & all your friends who buy
my Extreme Spiritual Makeover workbook

a free video series

to personally guide you every step of the way!

I’ll sit down & open God’s Word with you
and introduce each of the 5 sections:

A Heart Consumed with God
A Heart Prepared to Serve
A Heart Devoted to My Husband
A Heart to Nurture My Children
A Heart Burning for Others

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It’s Extreme because that’s what God deserves from each of us. If we belong to Him, we’ll give Him extreme effort, extreme obedience, extreme love!


It’s Spiritual because the only life worth living flows from the Holy Spirit’s supernatural power working in our hearts to reflect the beauty of Christ!


It’s a Makeover because we need a total transformation that begins in our heart, not a slight alteration, but a complete change from the inside out!

What women are saying about their Extreme Spiritual Makeover…


This study is a must to be a better woman of God and a more godly wife and mother!


My husband says he doesn’t recognize me anymore! He loves the change in me!


Kris is a dynamic Bible teacher. This workbook has drawn me closer to God!


I’ve always wanted to be discipled, this study has richly blessed & discipled me!


Hundreds of women just like you have done this study on their own or in groups, and here’s what impacted their life most…

  • “Clarity in God’s Word I’ve never seen before. God must fill me, I can’t expect others to.”
  • “The practical lists are a lifetime tool!”
  • “Being able to be honest & transparent with my study group each week.”
  • “I enjoyed implementing the tips for a marvelous marriage!”
  •  “This study made a huge impact in my life as a mom, wife & friend.”
  • “The teaching about motherhood is REALLY awesome as is the homework! So many things I applied to my life!”
  •  “Many lightbulb moments!”
  • “I love the lists! I’m looking over them frequently & making brand new habits!”
  • “The sections on time management!”
  • “Writing out prayers for my children and getting to learn from women as we discuss our Heartwork.”


You’ll experience highly accelerated spiritual growth.

You’ll receive huge doses of encouragement and inspiration. 

You’ll conquer nagging areas of sin and weakness.

You’ll have a safe place to evaluate your spiritual life and get biblical tools to improve it.

You’ll experience what it feels like to have spiritual friend cheer you on as you draw near the Lord.

You’ll enjoy the consistency in your walk with God you’ve always wanted. 

You’ll get clarity on your high calling as a daughter of God.

You’ll be uniquely equipped to nurture other women. 

These are the blessings you can expect and MORE as we draw near to the Lord together!
I can hardly wait to hear about all the transformations He’ll be making in your life!

If you want to draw near the Lord, quiet the battles in your own heart, be a better wife, mom and friend… THIS is the study for you!

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey

I want you to experience the same growth and transformation
as my friends…

The first time I met Kris, I couldn’t help but notice her contagious love for Christ and her authentic walk with the Lord. I watched her closely and soon I was attracted to her Savior. She made Him irresistible. You see, He had disappointed me so many times. I had become hostile towards Him. I was angry, bitter and toxic.  I had developed a very unbiblical view of God.

But God pursued me and opened my eyes and softened my heart. I wanted the  “radical transformation”, Kris taught. God truly used her to help expose my wicked, unregenerate heart and she walked with me until I gave my heart to Jesus.

So at 56 years old, the wife of an evangelist and having been a women’s ministry director, I realized I was not a true believer. But now I see His love, grace, kindness and mercy like never before. My life’s been radically transformed!
I’m so in love with Him I can’t stand it!

Debbie Vigneulle

Kris has an incredible heart for women! With her solid biblical teaching and engaging personality she is a delight to listen to and learn from as she teaches God’s Word.  Through her wise counsel and mentorship over the years, Kris has personally taught me so much about motherhood, maturity in Christ, and loving other women and ministering to their hearts.
Ginger Millermon

Kris’s biblical teaching and guidance has been essential in my walk with the Lord. Her teaching not only brought me to salvation, but led to my husband’s salvation as well. She helped me to heal broken relationships and understand who I am in Christ. Now I see Christ working in me and through me. The effects of her ministry on my life is immeasurable.
Lisa Chapman

God has truly gifted Kris to speak wise, biblical truth into the lives of women. As she teaches, she pours herself out to love and lead women in their pursuit to be godly! She has greatly encouraged and mentored me in my role as a pastor’s wife! She makes me feel heard, understood, and offers biblical truth for each situation I face. What a gift and blessing Kris is to us all!
Kelly Hylton


Kris LOVES opening the Word of God with women! She takes speaking engagements as her calendar allows. If you’d like to inquire to see if she’s available for your next women’s conference or retreat keep in mind she is a Bible teacher and each session will come with passion and encouragement, directly from the life-changing Word of God!

If you’d like to request that Kris speak to your group,
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