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I’d like to invite you on a spiritual adventure!

The battle for spiritual growth and consistency is real! And it’s no wonder with so many distractions swirling around us, demanding more of our time and attention. If we’re not careful, the One we love most will slip to the back burner and our ugly flesh will start seeping out. Next, guilt will set in and make us cranky instead of Christlike! It’s a nasty cycle many of us know all too well!

I’ve got big plans for us and it all starts here…

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No matter where you are on your spiritual journey

I want you to experience the same growth and transformation as my friends…

The first time I met Kris, I couldn’t help but notice her contagious love for Christ and her authentic walk with the Lord. I watched her closely and soon I was attracted to her Savior. She made Him irresistible. You see, He had disappointed me so many times. I had become hostile towards Him. I was angry, bitter and toxic.  I had developed a very unbiblical view of God.

But God pursued me and opened my eyes and softened my heart. I wanted the  “radical transformation”, Kris taught. God truly used her to help expose my wicked, unregenerate heart and she walked with me until I gave my heart to Jesus.

So at 56 years old, the wife of an evangelist and having been a women’s ministry director, I realized I was not a true believer. But now I see His love, grace, kindness and mercy like never before. My life’s been radically transformed!
I’m so in love with Him I can’t stand it!

Debbie Vigneulle


consistent + rewarding spiritual disciplines! You’ll finally have the consistency you’ve longed for in your spiritual life! Not only will we meet together once a week with our open Bibles to study together, you’ll get daily Heartwork to guide you as you linger daily in His Word. This is where God’s Word finds it’s way to the innermost parts of you and real transformation begins!


a more intimate relationship with your Heavenly Father as you linger with Him every day! Your daily worksheet even includes a short journal to pause + celebrate those moments when pride is loosening it’s grip on you and you’re responding in sweetness + humility instead. Everyday you’ll be prompted to notice + give thanks for this new life you’re experiencing!


more like Christ every single day! We know the struggle for a more of Christ, less of me life is real, because we’ve tried and failed so many times. But the Bible teaches that the same power that created the universe + the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is living in us to transform us! So get ready to put your hand in His + let Him show you the sweetness of a life consumed with Him!

Kris has an incredible heart for women! With her solid biblical teaching and engaging personality she is a delight to listen to and learn from as she teaches God’s Word.  Through her wise counsel and mentorship over the years, Kris has personally taught me so much about motherhood, maturity in Christ, and loving other women and ministering to their hearts.
Ginger Millermon

Kris’s biblical teaching and guidance has been essential in my walk with the Lord. Her teaching not only brought me to salvation, but led to my husband’s salvation as well. She helped me to heal broken relationships and understand who I am in Christ. Now I see Christ working in me and through me. The effects of her ministry on my life is immeasurable.
Lisa Chapman

God has truly gifted Kris to speak wise, biblical truth into the lives of women. As she teaches, she pours herself out to love and lead women in their pursuit to be godly! She has greatly encouraged and mentored me in my role as a pastor’s wife! She makes me feel heard, understood, and offers biblical truth for each situation I face. What a gift and blessing Kris is to us all!
Kelly Hylton

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