If you’ve always wanted more confidence & intimacy with God,

If you wish your prayer life was consistent & meaningful,

If you’ve tried everything but still feel guilty

for not lingering with your Heavenly Father,

THEN YOU, my friend, are in the right place!!

I’m concerned that if you don’t do anything,
it’ll just get worse and you’ll grow even more distant from God.

I know! I’ve had the loneliness and apathy that can fall over us when we don’t linger with Him. There are ugly consequences to ignoring the most precious Person in our lives. Maybe this is where you are…

  1. You miss the intimacy you used to have with Him.
  2. You miss the joy of answered prayer.
  3. You even begin to doubt His love for you.

The enemy of our soul is pleased the we don’t pray.

When we try to manage on our own we have no power, we crumble under trial, and we’re easily deceived. We lose spiritual influence when we don’t have a regular time alone with God and we aren’t in tune with the wonderful ways the Holy Spirit leads. Worst of all we become stagnant and lukewarm.

Most people think they’d pray more…

  • if only they had more discipline.
  • if only they were a morning person.
  • if only they had more time.
  • If only they weren’t so distracted.
  • if only they were more organized.

But trust me, none of these things will ever solve the real problem!


the excitement and anticipation you’d have if you understood what the Bible tells us about what your Heavenly Father and His angels are doing in heaven when you pray!


what it would feel like to actually enjoy a relationship your Heavenly Father instead of feeling shame and guilt for neglecting Him.


confident and empowered to pray great big, gigantic prayers, knowing that God is pleased to hear your voice and the desires of your heart!

Over 100 women just like you have already taken this class and want to encourage you to hurry and join them!

“This will breathe new life and power into your prayers and launch you into a beautiful communion with the God of the Universe!”

“Would you like to know Jesus better and experience His power and presence more? Then this class is for you!”

“It will change your way of life and draw you closer to God!”

“It’s life-changing and such an integral part of having intimacy with your Savior!

“This study will literally bring the Bible to life!”

“Devote all your time and energy into the Prayer Projects, they’ll change your life!”

Here’s exactly what I have waiting for you inside our class!

When you sign up…

  1. You’ll get an email with a congratulation video and a class blueprint so you’ll know exactly what to expect every step of the way!
  2. You’ll get LIFE-TIME access to the class and total control of when you begin so you can go at our own pace!
  3. You’ll get a weekly Prayer Project to assist you in developing confidence and consistency.
  4. You’ll get an exclusive invitation to our private Prayer Warriors Facebook Group so we can grow, celebrate and answer questions to give you #allthesupport!

But. This study is not for you if …

  • you’re already involved in a bible study at your church. I’d never pull you away from serving and growing in your own church family. In fact, my goal is to equip you so you can serve even more in your local church!
  • you’re difficult to please. I hope you don’t consider joining us unless you have a gracious, teachable heart.

Why can’t I seem to grow and change on my own?

The sweetest and most dramatic spiritual growth happens in community!
We were literally created to need each other and help each other grow.

That’s what God says in Titus chapter two. He continually tells us to encourage and strengthen and love each other.

So please don’t try to do this alone anymore! Join us and let’s become Prayer Warriors together!

This isn't just a Bible study. It's a transformation!

Before this study my prayer life was sporadic at best, but Kris energized me with bold reminders of God’s work behind the scenes and now I have a new passion and expectancy when I pray!

I feel a greater connection and more confidence with God! My prayers used to be dry, monotone and routine but now they’re more authentic and from my heart. I highly recommend this study!

Kris brought the imagery of the Bible to life! I treasure her for walking me through the Scriptures see what’s really happening when I pray! Now my prayer life is much more organized and intentional!

You’ll get everything you need to experience dramaticgrowth in your prayer life!

We’ll meet together in my beautiful 3rd floor office with our Bibles open + talk about how to become Prayer Warriors! Sound dreamy? Each lesson is 40+ minutes of Biblical richness that ends with a 5 minute super session where we’ll discuss each week’s Prayer Project that’ll get you rolling up your sleeves and putting prayer to practice in brand new ways!


Moses’ Portrait of Intersession
David’s Portrait of Praise
Hannah’s Portrait of Supplication
Daniel’s Portrait of Desperation
Zacharias’ Portrait of Perseverance
Jesus’ Portrait of Intimacy
Stephen’s Portrait of Forgiveness

I have a gift for you! It will help you draw nearer to the Lord and bring intimacy to your prayer life!