Extreme Spiritual Makeover Discipleship Guide

I’m thrilled you’re joining me for your very own Extreme Spiritual Makeover!

Whether you’ve always wanted to be discipled or you’re looking for a study to do with the women in your life, your search is over! This is just what you need!

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It’s Extreme because that’s what God deserves from each of us. Extreme effort, extreme obedience, extreme love!

It’s Spiritual because the only life worth living flows from the Holy Spirit’s supernatural power working in our hearts to reflect the beauty of Christ!

It’s a Makeover because we need a total transformation that begins in our heart, not a slight alteration, but a complete change from the inside out!

As a brand new believer, I’ll never forget the intense thirst I had to live my new life in Christ to the fullest. More than my next breath, I wanted my life to count for Christ… but I didn’t know how! I was certain that God deserved more from my life than a warm pew on Sunday mornings. I desperately prayed that God would give me someone to show me how to make my life count for Him. I didn’t want to flounder though my Christian life and I didn’t want ordinary. Before I even knew the words, “mentor” or “discipler” I was begging God to send me such a woman who would teach me how entirely for Him. 

To my great delight, God answered the cry of my heart! It took 5 long years of waiting, but He finally gave me an incredible spiritual friend to show me how to live God’s priorities for my life. I’m a completely different woman because Elizabeth George took me in. She spilled wisdom from her walk with God on me, the life-giving water of the Word to my parched heart. And now many years later, I get to pass on these tremendous truths that have been transforming my life to women like you who also want to live near the heart of Christ!

My desire in these pages is to give women like you and I practical ideas to help us take God’s Word from the knowing of truth to living it every moment of every day!  

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1 review for Extreme Spiritual Makeover Discipleship Guide

  1. Kris Goertzen

    Here is a quick view of a few reviews left on Amazon:
    *****This is one of the absolute BEST Bible studies that I have ever done! Kris Goertzen is an amazing woman of God, who has so much wisdom to share! This study just really helped me to sit down and focus on God’s Word in the midst of my crazy busy life. It really helped me to discover the Biblical principals of becoming a more godly woman, wife and mommy. I highly recommend the Extreme Spiritual Makeover for women of every age and stage of life … it truly helped me to grow in my walk with God on a deeper and more meaningful level than I ever have before. I’m actually getting ready to go through it again in the next couple of weeks!

    *****Put on your seatbelt! Surrender your pride & grow in humility with this study! I could do this Bible study over and over again and still grow in my spiritual walk. This is a don’t miss study on humility/being less prideful and growing in Christlikeness. Go get yourself one!! Better yet buy several and do this study with some friends! You won’t be sorry!!!

    *****I will be forever grateful for this study. This study transformed my life saved my marriage and ultimately led to my husbands salvation as well. This study is life transforming. Not only am I grateful for how God has used this study to help me but my husband and children are as well. Don’t hesitate in getting this! You will be abundantly blessed and others will be as well!

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